Has the Digital Age Created a New Demand for Tangible Marketing?

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© 2013 Jennifer Smith

I saw something interesting while watching footage of the last X Games. Freestyle Motor Cross Rider, Todd Potter interacted with his fans by handing out paper mustaches that resembled his own—a great real-world example of marketing without technology. Every time the cameras panned the audience at the Staples Center, viewers could see hundreds of people wearing his signature mustaches.

While interactive marketing efforts are based on the ability of consumers to converse with advertisers and affect branding, this occurs electronically, and though social media is used as a platform that allows businesses to have human relationships with their customers, it is rare that an actual human is presented.

We have become desensitized to the real world to such an extreme, that we actually socialize with our mobile devices, but this has created a new opportunity for clever marketers to provide an old-fashioned-turned-fresh experience for their audiences by, once again, giving them things they can touch, taste and smell or people who they can interact with face to face.

Our obsession with technology has made physical and personal seem new and exciting.

Since the inundation of digital everything has left us craving anything genuine, now is the perfect time to be extraordinarily creative and interject something uniquely human, into our marketing campaigns.

Have you seen any new marketing strategies that don’t rely on technology?

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Jennifer is a Graphic Designer in Carson City, Nevada.

About Jennifer Smith

Jennifer is a Graphic Designer in Carson City, Nevada.
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