What Can Your Business Do With Vine?

Image of Vine Logo by Jennifer Smith DesignIt’s easy to become obsessed with Twitter’s mobile app, Vine. This nearly effortless video tool that only records six-second movies, lets its users capture small and shareable pieces of their everyday lives.

For those who tend to be more creative, Vine facilitates collage-style filming or stop-motion animation, allowing the user to start and continue recording by tapping and holding on the screen or to stop recording upon release, as many times as the six-second format will accept.

While I’ve had a great time experimenting with the Vine app personally, its potential to serve as another excellent social tool for businesses cannot be ignored.

Video continues to be a powerful instrument for online marketing efforts. With Vine, businesses can take advantage of the effectiveness of the medium with free, simple and concise clips to share on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as their websites and email.

How can your business use Vine?

Here are twenty examples of how you can make Vine work for your business.

  1. Restaurant Daily Specials
  2. Retail Sale of the Day
  3. Introducing Your Employees
  4. Employee of the Month
  5. Customer Vine Video Contests
  6. Event Image Montage
  7. Quick Tips
  8. 360 Degree Views of Products or Locations for Sale or Rent
  9. Campaign Tool for Political Issues
  10. Non-Profit Donation Appeals
  11. Churches–Bible Passages
  12. “Get to Know Your” Candidate, Pastor, Butcher, Printer, Barista, Radio DJ etc.
  13. Fitness Demonstrations–Yoga Poses, Exercise Techniques, Martial Arts Moves
  14. Teasers for Bands, Theater Companies, Other Live Performances
  15. Testimonials
  16. Product Demonstrations
  17. Before and After Process Videos–Hair Styles, Nail Styles, Home Decorating, Fashion, etc.
  18. Food or Beverage Preparation from Start to Finished Product
  19. Clever, Soap-Opera-Style Advertising Series
  20. Jokes

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  Use Vine today to give your business more personality and to show instead of tell your potential customers.

I have started a hashtag on Vine to show examples of how some businesses are using their Vine videos. Use #vinebusiness if you would like to see them or tag your own examples.

How are you making Vine work for your business?

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Jennifer is a Graphic Designer in Carson City, Nevada.

About Jennifer Smith

Jennifer is a Graphic Designer in Carson City, Nevada.
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